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Homophobic bullying is a behaviour or language that makes a person feel unwelcomed or marginalised because of their perception and sexual orientation.

It is always done to devalue, humiliate and shame the person involved. It could be verbal, cyber, physical or emotional. It could be done either ways, its never okay to call names, harass, beat up or spread hateful comments because of a person’s sexuality.

It is easier to talk about love to others but it is difficult for most people to put it into action. Do not do to others what you wouldn’t do to yourself. Don’t do to others, what you wouldn’t wish on your sister, mother or relatives.

You can’t claim to have love in your heart and still beat up your fellow human being, call them disgusting names, treat them like trash and claim you have love in your heart.

– Victoria Abisinuola Thompson

We’ve seen actions like this lead to suicide and its alarming how people can say he or she deserves to die. We can do better as a society. There will never be a justification for why you feel another human being like you should be shamed, devalued, mocked, beaten and maybe killed just because of their sexual orientation.

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