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Who We Are

We are a registered, professional firm that is specialized in catering for the social and emotional well-being of people by helping her clients overcome their challenges; improve their daily functioning; reduce rate of depression and suicide; achieve their goals; build up their dreams which can enhance their competence, capacity; and productivity through our specialists and nonspecialists but experienced advocates, counselors, therapist and psychologists.

Who We Are

We are a registered, professional firm that is specialized in catering for the social and emotional well-being of people by helping her clients overcome their challenges; improve their daily functioning; reduce rate of depression and suicide; achieve their goals; build up their dreams which can enhance their competence, capacity; and productivity through our specialists and nonspecialists but experienced advocates, counselors, therapist and psychologists.


To deliver our services to all corners where a demand for them is needed and igniting a consciousness in the heart of society a need to look out for their mental health for enablement to lead a much productive life.


1. Addressing all forms of mind/mental health issues detrimental to leading a productive and satisfactory life through our structural client-centered approach for easy congruence.
2. Boosting all positive qualities needful across the life span to lead a fulfilled life.
3. Satisfying our clients with strong insights triggering a self-will to get hold of their lives, overcome tie-downs, depression and maladaptive assumptions inimical to their proper wellbeing, while helping them develop strong positive regard for themselves.

What We Do

VRM offers variety of services within the scope of mental health and social wellbeing of people. The goal is to help people thrive in life. We will do all that is permitted within the law to achieve our aim and business goal.

Online & Offline Counselling Services

First Aid Therapy


Training & Conferences

Mental Wellness Classes & Workshops

Humanitarian Projects

Career & Purpose Discovery/Development


Treatment Referrals

Target Age/Community



Ages 11 – 13



Ages 14 – 19


Adults and Elders

Ages 20 – 100


Suicidal, Depressed, Divorced, Traumatized Persons


Victoria Abisinuola Ogundele

Abisinuola Victoria Ogundele was born in Ilorin on the 28th of September over two decades ago. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. Abisinuola Victoria is the Founder of Victoria Restored Minds targeted at creating emotional stability in the world. She is also a writer, the author of Restored Minds Devotional and also wrote a book titled “Leaving The Past Behind”.

Abisinuola has worked and volunteered for several NGOs such GoodWill Ambassadors of Nigeria, Motivated Mankind, YALI Network, Lifewire Foundation, Valerie Chapman Home and presently one of the Technical members of Supernatural Gospel Crusader. She is the Acting Admin Officer of Supernatural Gospel Crusaders.

Her active involvement in service to humanity has earned her several certifications and awards such as “Community Impact Award” organised by Jamie Pajoe, “Understanding Girls and Women’s Right” YALI Award. She has organised several Rural development Programmes, conferences and has visited several IDP camps in the past few years.

She believes everyone on earth was created with a purpose in my mind therefore we are to thrive above whatever life throws at us. She’s an advocate for an emotionally stable society, purposeful living and impactful existence. She often says if not NOW then WHEN? After all, we won’t be here for long. Live life and make it count.

Jason Waddel

I enjoy working with people on their personal or professional journeys. My education (and interest) started 18 odd years ago around soft skills – who we are and how we relate, and operate, in the world. It is still the source of my passion for working with people; connecting with others to help them from where they are, to where they want to be 🙂

For counselling; I prefer the humanistic and existential styles, in which clients own and drive their own change. This should also give you an idea on my style and personality.

Sometimes people prefer a more directive/coaching approach. I’ve worked for multi-nationals for 20yrs in various technical, sales and leadership roles. I am also certified in Organisational Change Management, which I lean on when working with people and teams making change.  The coaching and mentoring skills I have developed over the years can assist you with direction and focus.

You will also find my passion for people drives an interest in blogging about and discussing soft skills, and life in general; happiness, communication, conflict, teamwork, personality types, etc.


  • Diploma Applied Social Science (Counselling)
  • PROSCI Practitioner
  • Cert IV in Management
Oludamola Oluwaseun Ogidan

Oludamola Oluwaseun Ogidan is the CEO of Damorichie Global Enterprises. A writer, A serial entrepreneur, Male Child Advocate. Local Coordinator African School for Liberty.

A survivor of depression, suicide attempt, abuse, violence and hate, as a child.

As one who has been there, he understands pain, trauma, males go through.

It is his desire to see every male child/adult live a happier and fulfilling life.

He has since been counselling male children, putting smiles on their faces, helping them live better lives.

Oluwatosin Isaac Olaoluwa

Oluwatosin Isaac Olaoluwa among other things is an addiction recovery advocate, a substance abuse prevention enthusiastic and a social impact consultant.

He is the team Lead of Addiction Recovery Campaign (ARC) an initiative that was born of his personal experience, struggles and eventual triumph over a deleterious life of addiction/substance abuse, cultism and other social vices that almost ruined his life but for the gift of a transformed life.

And so he has since then committed to leveraging on his personal experience in reaching out to others particularly our most impressive youths and helping/guiding them to live lives from the deleterious effects of addiction/substance abuse and other social vices.

His advocacy has seen him being featured on so many media platforms such as NTA Newsline, AIT, Channels TV, TVC, Beat FM, Lagos Traffic FM and a national newspaper to mention a few.

Oluwatoyin Falaiye

Oluwatoyin Falaiye is a trained lawyer, Sexual Abuse survivor and Child advocate and writer.

She is the founder of  Jewels Hive Initiative an NGO that seeks to provide safe spaces for victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence by helping them attain healing through counselling, mentoring and therapy.

She is a writer and author of the fast-selling book “Beyond the Abuse” which tells the compelling sexual abuse survivor stories of 9 women including herself.

As a woman who has gone through so much abuse in life which resulted in depression, suicidal attempts and even survived death, She is not unaware of the many miracles God has wrought in her life and now uses her social media platforms as a blog to inspire women through her stories and vulnerability on the Vulnerable inspiration blog series where she shares snippets from her upcoming book #DRthebook

she currently works a legal practitioner in a private law firm, while juggling that with running her NGO, writing and also operating a small scale interior decorating company – Falz ville interiors.

She volunteers for other NGOs and purpose based outfits such as Blooming Amazon’s, The One Habitat, Rightarium Foundation among others and has several awards in her kitty for her service to humanity particularly in sexual advocacy and gender based violence areas.

A graduate of the University of Ilorin, NIIT and British council certified gender based violence Advocate;  it is her desire to die empty as she walks closely with the  Holy Spirit to fulfil purpose and inspire people both young and old.

Jimba F. Vincent

A writer, a social researcher and a training Criminology and Security Expert.

JIMBA F. VINCENT is a training Criminologist and Security Expert, and a social researcher, primarily interested in topics ranging from human welfare to mental health across life span_ particularly works on social and casual relationships and start-up romantic relationships.

He has a philosophy that all social problems have answers rooted in scientific knowledge, and with this conviction, he is dedicated to offering professional help and advice to clients struggling from wide range feelings of ambivalence on social phenomenon that could hinder one’s total wellbeing

Charles King

With a qualification in Psychology, Accounting and Insurance, he has almost two decades of industrial and has acquired experience in various sectors including Finance. Insurance, International Trade. Charcoal Export, Facility Management and Waste Management, Industrial Cleaning, Steel & Building Manufacturing, Psychological Medicine and Rehabilitation, Counseling. A creative social entrepreneur with a vision to catalyze positive impact and investments through sustainable projects. An astute Businessman and Administrator with special skill in Human Capital Development and Creative Enterprise. He has attended various seminars and workshops both locally and overseas.

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